Our bassist Alice will soon relocate to Wales and therefore leave the band.

We are looking for a new bass player to join us (Male / Female).

  • We’re on a small label called Public Pressure (browse this site if you want to find out more about it),
  • have regular press, releases (Vinyl and Digital), some radio plays,
  • gigs (including Forthcoming UK and European dates) etc.

Here are a few details on what we are looking for:

  • Good Rock / Alt-Rock style playing skills
  • Committed to rehearse once per week (usually near Holloway tube).
  • Good communication (Replying to emails, SMS etc. promptly so things can be organised efficiently).
  • Generally a good person to be around with. No big ego / chip on shoulder / argumentative type person.

If this sounds good to you, we look forward to hearing from you.

While the first thing will be to learn the songs pretty much “as is” to get things going, moving forward we always welcome creative input, ideas for new songs etc. So, yes, you could be part of the songwriting process once you’ve learned the current songs and we start working on new ones.


Some Press:

“Boy From The Crowd has released a creative masterpiece.” LOUDER THAN WAR

“It’s loud, visceral and hits like a hammer. “Where the Bees Come to Die”, which has received rave reviews and, more importantly, attracted fans.” THE HUFFINGTON POST

“A great EP. The tone of the voice is the key factor here.” BLUNTIQ

“The amount of style, coolness and tripped-out, thrash-rock in is extraordinary” SLEEPING BAGS STUDIOS

“Sounds like an even more pissed off Joe Strummer.” ELLEN WOODS

“And the message here? Rock ‘n’ roll, when done right, is still as life-affirming as it ever was.” ABSOLUTE PUNK



  • We will send you 4 songs to learn “as is”
  • When ready, you will play the songs with Vinny (singer/ guitarist) at his place in Seven Sisters
  • If all good, we will then book the rehearsal studio and play with the full band, also have a jam, chat etc.

Contact us at: boy-from-the-crowd@bftc.band