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Hitch That Ride


Surrender To The Exercise

The Road


Our drummer Chris will leave the band when a replacement is found.

We are looking for a new good drummer to join us (Male / Female). At this stage this is not a “paid” opportunity, so not suitable to session drummers. We’re looking for someone who loves the music / project to join us.

  • We’re on a small label called Public Pressure (browse this site if you want to find out more about it),
  • Regular Press
  • Management
  • Gigs (recently completed a UK tour and a Paris gig)

Here are a few details on what we are looking for:

  • Good Rock / Alt-Rock style playing skills, A good touch, grooves, and can also kick ass when needed would be just perfect.
  • Ability to learn songs fast (initially, learning the set “as is” will be the priority, and then off course considering your suggestions, though the first stage is to quickly be up and running and able to play the set live)
  • Committed to rehearse once per week (usually near Manor House tube).
  • Good communication (Replying to emails, SMS etc. promptly so things can be organised efficiently).
  • Generally a good person to be around with. No big ego / chip on shoulder / argumentative type person.

If this sounds good to you, we look forward to hearing from you.


Some Press:

“Debauched Rock’n’Roll. Feels like The Cramps necking Jack Daniel’s with the B-52s in some fleabit bar- ‘Hitch That Ride’ is a beast.” CLASH MAGAZINE

“Boy From The Crowd has released a creative masterpiece.” LOUDER THAN WAR

“It’s loud, visceral and hits like a hammer. “Where the Bees Come to Die”, which has received rave reviews and, more importantly, attracted fans.” THE HUFFINGTON POST

“And the message here? Rock ‘n’ roll, when done right, is still as life-affirming as it ever was.” ABSOLUTE PUNK



  • We will send you 4 songs to learn “as is”
  • When ready, we will then book the rehearsal studio and play the songs,  also have a jam, chat etc.

Contact us at: