We’re Boyfromthecrowd.

We’re looking to partner up with someone who could help the band grow and build our audience.

We’re on a small label Public Pressure and you can see our artist page here.

We are free to explore all possibilities and have no current contractual obligations.

Our first EP was well received and we have now completed our first album (which we are holding back to release)

The band started as a 2 piece and there are now 3 of us, and we’re currently working on building the structure around the band needed to move forward in the most efficient manner.

Particular areas of interest are:

  • Gigs & Tours (Support slot of more established bands, UNI / Student gigs, Festivals, Generally speaking “good gigs” to play)
  • Licensing, Labels and generally speaking Management Services.

We’re open to all suggestions and levels of experience. If we connect, like and believe in each other, we could work together.

Please kindly fill in the form below. Thank you.

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