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Immi Larusso marks his Group BraCil debut with visuals for early release single ‘Oven Mits’ lifted from his and Morriarchi’s upcoming project ‘Shalimar Gardens’. 

Like a snapshot of 70’s Lahore, Pakistan ‘Shalimar Gardens’ seeks to explore the convergence of cultures between the East and West and what may have been lost in their merging. 

Some context for you; the Shalimar Gardens originated in Persia but were recreated in Pakistan in the 1600s by the then-current Emperor to act as a utopia where humans and nature could co-exist amicably. 

Two things that definitely co-exist amicably are Immi Larusso and Morriarchi. In fact, you could suggest they do not merely co-exist but complement each other in their existence. Add to this a splash of Honey JD editing and you have a complete package of complimentary creativity. I do not wish to give too much away as Immi Larusso and Morriarchi’s ‘Shalimar Gardens’ will come into bloom and open to the public on February 25th.

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