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Whenever i feel discouraged I grab my camera go to a gig and loose myself in music. It’s all about the vibe. If I can grab a piece of that vibe in my pictures then I am happy. These are the latest bands i shoot and my notes to share my emotions with you.



Free-spoken, hard hitting, intellectual lines. Tough talk followed by tearing guitar chords carving into the ear. Guitar lead playing deep with an unworldly nature. Bassist looks back while pushing the strings, closes his eyes and flies away. The drummer flies with his drumsticks. The atmosphere is tense but all ends with a big smile.


Hands Off Gretel

Staggering scratchy blues-voice says: “We don’t play commercial stuff. You can go listen to the radio if you want that!” True Punk. Attractive rebels, venue always crowded. Long sets but never long enough. The right alloy of cute & rebel spiced with inexhaustible energy. Sweet. Strong, young entertaining punks playing serious stuff.


The Voodoogroove

Very infectious and addictive, once you know them you want to see them again. “Devil is against me” could easily spice up a Tarantino movie. The soundcheck already signalled something special was going to happen. They play for each others and the audience really loves that. If I was totally deaf I would still enjoy their music. The claim they’re the best UK’s part-time band.


Saint Agnes

Their dramatic stage presence reveals something shocking is going to happen. Just watch, listen and surrender, her next move could be towards you. The cowboy guitar lead might have a pistol. The bass and drums strongly embracing the tuneful songs that cannot fade. Sophisticated occultists who look and sounds much more than that.


Healthy Junkies

All punk & lace anti-princess. Sweet- harsh, tough talk sometimes. East London underground punk icon. Songs scratch and caress at the same time. Lead singer stops in the middle of the gig and a mind-blowing guitar solo rips the venue apart. The drummer is totally eating the drums. Bass player not shy to ask the audience for a spare guitar.


All photos by Andras Paul: