Band Competition


Public Pressure Records is launching a competition opened to UK unsigned bands.

To coincide with our participation at the ILM (independent Label market) on November 28th we are looking for 1 band / artist to record 1 song at our expense and be featured on our Record Label.

Competition opens on  20th November 2015 and ends on January 15th 2016. Winner announced By February 1st 1016.  Read full terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.


Record / Mix / Master 1 song at our entire expense and have it released on our label as a free download.

Your song and band will be featured on our record label page as the Public Pressure Competition Winner and offered as a free download to our followers

In short: You will record 1 song and have it mixed and mastered to top professional standards and be featured on our record label artist page as the competition winner and your song will be available to download by our thousands of readers / label fans. All this paid by us.


1/ Make a quick video yourself / your band performing the song you wish to enter.

A very simple basic phone recording is enough! We do not expect high production standards at all. So, be relaxed about it. It could be a recording of a singer signing the song with an acoustic guitar, or a full band in a rehearsal studio etc. It is all perfectly acceptable. If the audio distorts a little bit, it does not matter either…as long as we can hear the basics of the song, that’s all we need. We say it again and we mean it: High quality audio and video productions will not be an advantage, in fact it may be a minus point. We are 100% happy with lofi.. We EXPECT lofi…keep it real and simple.

2/ Upload the video on YouTube or wherever you wish

3/ Tweet it to us (or Facebook) as below:

“We entered Public Pressure Records band competition Here is our entry: [link to your video] #PublicPressureComp @jointhepressure”

4/ Fill in the form below so we have your contact details

That’s it.

And if you are free and in London on November 28th, please come and meet us at the ILM {link}


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Terms and Conditions

  1. Artist / band must be unsigned and unpublished.
  2. 1 song entry per artist strictly.
  3. Original song only. Strictly no cover.
  4. Strictly no sampling of published / released material of another artist contained in your song.
  5. Recordings will take place in London. Only enter the competition if you can get to London for a day recording. Public pressure will pay for the day recording but not for travel expenses or any other expense that may incur to the artist.
  6. While the competition is opened to all bands worldwide, the fact that recordings will take place in our chosen studio in London (UK) needs to be carefully considered as no other expense but the studio time and sound engineers time will be covered.
  7. Public Pressure will solely decide on the recording studio, sound engineer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer.
  8. The mix of the song will be done unattended (which means our mixing engineer will mix the song on his own without the presence of the artist / band).
  9. The mix of the song completed by our chosen mix engineer will be final and no amend request will be accepted. No feedback will be sought from the artist in that process for the purpose of this competition.
  10. The master will be final and no amends can be requested.
  11. The artist accepts by entering the competition that Public Pressure will publish the track on their label and website. This means that if you are selected as the winner and invited to record your song, the mix / master of that recording will be published on our website and there is no option for you to refuse for this to happen. (For example, if you are not satisfied with the mix or master, your track will still be published. DO NOT enter the competition if you do not accept this term.).
  12. Your track will be available for Free download on our website and any other third party website / channel we choose.
  13. Your track may in the future become part of compilation releases on digital or physical products.
  14. Should in the future your recording be made a paid purchase, any income will be split 50 / 50 between The Artist and Public Pressure.
  15. Public Pressure owns the master of this recording. The Artist owns the publishing.
  16. Winner will be Announced by February 1st 2016 and be decided by Public Pressure Records staff.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions.