Thank you for taking part in our Crypto Currency only album pre-launch

If you wish to read to full terms details, please do so here  . Are you new to crypto currencies?  I created a little guide for you here.

Target: $2000 (raised in crypto currencies only)

You can either pre-order the vinyl or, make a donation if you wish to help support the campaign further. For all donations over $35, I will of course also send you the vinyl record and I will contact you personally to thank you and see if there is anything else I could offer you to thank you for your kind donation.


Let’s make this happen!


Start Date: July 1st 2018 – End Date: August 1st 2018



(I update the progress bar once per day, manually, so don’t worry if you do not see it move up after you made your payment. It will reflect as soon as I do the daily update. Thanks. Vinny)