Alt-Rock, Heavy Blues

Members: Ben Jasper (Bass), Bas Combes (Drums), Vinny Piana (Guitar & Vocals)




“One of the things that makes rock ’n’ roll great is its little imperfections and riding on the edge of disaster, knowing full well that any second it could all just fall apart.” – Vinny Piana

In an East London gutter, something deep, primal and most definitely weird is stirring.

Boyfromthecrowd Cocktail: take a pinch of heavy blues, mix with some edgy surf rock, shake (don’t stir) with a hefty dose of punk attitude and some good old-fashioned rock n roll swagger. Infuse with tension, blend with menace and you’re starting to get a flavour of the rich and potent firewater served up by Boyfromthecrowd.

Boyfromthecrowd started in late 2015 as a duo and is now a 3 piece band signed to Public Pressure Records


“Debauched rock ‘n’ roll with a destructive streak. Feels like The Cramps necking
Jack Daniel’s with the B-52s in some fleabit bar- ‘Hitch That Ride’ is a beast.” CLASH MAGAZINE
“Boy From The Crowd has released a creative masterpiece.” LOUDER THAN WAR
“It’s loud, visceral and hits like a hammer. “Where the Bees Come to Die”, which has received
rave reviews and, more importantly, attracted fans.” THE HUFFINGTON POST
“A great EP. The tone of the voice is the key factor here.” BLUNTIQ
“Sounds like an even more pissed off Joe Strummer.” ELLEN WOODS
“And the message here? Rock ‘n’ roll, when done right, is still as life-affirming as it ever was.” ABSOLUTE PUNK


Hitch that ride (Single: Digital, November 2017)
Johnny B. Goode (cover) (7” Lathe cut, 2017, ILM day special)
Where the bees come to die (EP: Vinyl, CD, Digital, 2016)
All I need (Single: Digital, 2015)
Revelator (Single: Digital, 2015)

(All releases on Public Pressure Records)
Release Schedule 2017 / 2018: 4 singles + 1 album)


Rudy Reed & Melody Courtois

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