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Cix is a transgender artist producing electronic pop music in Catford, South-East London; she has recently begun performing live and is active in the DIY scene. Her work is polymorphous and unfaithful to genres, held together by mournful vocal melody. Reaching for the universal in and through the particular, it is not to be taken too seriously. Her first EP, ‘Slug Wife 2’, is available on cassette through Tumtum and her new one, Unwomen, is expected to be released in early 2019.



Mt. Moon encapsulates the working process that gave rise to ‘Slug Wife 2’. While at first listen perhaps apparent as a brooding pastiche on the themes of black metal, we might also see it evincing the conflict between dreamy guitar music and an explicitly electronic method of production that constituted the nexus of Cix’s early sound. The rhythmic contraction of time within the final bars of each phrase, returned to life by the glue of synthetic bass guitar, provides an overwhelming hypnotic appeal to the track.


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