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It’s hard to imagine a fitting audience for a band who look like the Hells Angels in drag but, as you might expect from two guys who perform in long wigs and tight dresses, Bottoms aren’t too hung up on demographics.

“We ultimately make music from a selfish point of view,” say the Brooklyn based duo. “I think the people that get the most out of the music is us. The drag aspect is more of a fun thing we throw into the mix, although it comes from a very real place… We have the receipts!”

I’m intrigued to know what kind of person attends their gigs, and Bottoms reveal how their minimalist electro-punk aesthetic has influenced their outreach: “It has a wider context than ‘we are a fag band playing for fags’. The cool thing is – we’re more popular in NYC with the straight punks. We always approach music through a DIY punk lens.”

A pure spot of genius is something that the electro scene has needed for a very long time, and Bottoms are taking the genre on their own unique, personal journey. Take just one look at their video for My Body, with themes of masturbation and self-mutilation, private thoughts are flagrantly laid bare. In exploring this sordid aspect of the human psyche, they go where few bands dare to tread.

While breaking society’s perception of ‘normal’ may be the focus of their art right now, Bottoms admit that their “music aspirations do change over time.” They are currently making a techno record, and hint that their live show may evolve in future: “There will [still] be a strong performance aspect to our work, although it might not be through drag or running around on stage.”

Whatever direction Bottoms choose to take their live shows, you can guarantee that they won’t be banal or predictable. Their biggest challenge, however, will be to better their already extraordinary performances. As it stands, anything less than spectacular will simply not do!


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