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A man enters a sacred space to purge it of its filth: This is how Verset Zero describes his new EP Sacrificium. His relationship with religion, one of disgust yet artistic fascination, inspired his global creative concept as well as his artistic name:

“I want to present a sort of alternate version of the Bible. Jesus comes back not to forgive man, but to get revenge. I use the Bible for inspiration and invent or transform the rest. The first verse is the creation of the world. Being Verset Zero (verse zero), I place my story beforehand. This way, I can create another version. Verset Zero is the hidden verse, the other truth.”

Perpetuating this conceptual journey, each LP/EP’s title and content pursues the narration of the alternate religious phenomenon upholding “the beauty and violence of religion” with prominent black metal aesthetics.

Despite this ecclesiastical fascination, the artistic statement bleeds judgment and criticism. As the artist states: “Man is more important than divinity or its associated cults”.



With roots in an isolated village in the mountains, surrounded by nature and tranquility, Verset Zero remains attracted to the soundscape of his origins and recreates the ambiance by composing his works in the peace and stillness of the night, until exhaustion overtakes him. This inflicted malaise, he claims, becomes necessary in order to create “raw, harsh and violent works”.

His passion for his art manifests during live performances where his abandonment into the creative concept eclipses the ‘usual’ merriment: “Sound technicians coming to see you to tell you that the sound is saturating while its actually your track that originally saturates, excited drunk girls following you to your car, shit-faced dudes that yell in your ears during your set while you ask yourself, ‘Does he reek of beer or piss?’”

There are plans to expand the concept further, the depth of artistic vision combining with a strong interest in collaborations with artists from different genres and creative worlds. Currently, Verset Zero’s growing success in the electronic scene has generated a number of new projects, including a new vinyl LP on Tripalium Corp, an upcoming music video directed by AFB, and a few signed tracks for V. A’s with Veleno Viola, Amok Tapes, and Subsist.


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