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Spiritual Leader, the debut EP from genre-bending drummer Ian Chang, has been released on Kowloon Records, with single Inhaler the first release from the album.

Born in Hong Kong, Chang moved to New York a decade ago to pursue music, and has played with artists including SonLux, Rafiq Bhatia and Rubblebucket. The preparation for this EP, which “explores the relationship between human and music”, started in 2015 when Chang’s work on Sunhouse’s Sensory Percussion led to the creation of the track Spiritual Leader and its psychedelic video.



Talking about the inspiration for Inhaler, Chang explains that it started “when we did a sampling session with Kristin Slipp [Cuddle Magic, Meadows] doing wild and wonderful things with her voice. Those sounds provided the core sonic identity for the song—an ode to my trusty muted blue inhaler, which kept my asthma under control on the playground and in P.E.”


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