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Kosi Tides, one half of Leeds rap-duo The Northaze, has dropped his first solo project. The enigmatically titled ‘It Followed Me Home’ utilises Tides’ musical connections; with the production being handled by a select few friends, it allows our protagonist to delve into exactly what it is that has been chasing him on his XG3-esc bike. 

Love this project Kosi ‘It Followed Me Home’, what is it that followed you home, or what can you tell us about the title?  

Kosi: Love bro, the memories & experiences followed me home, I guess your place of living or wherever you call home where you assess everything that happens out the confines of it; that’s pretty much what the project is about as a whole, it has a few meanings but that & halo are the mains.

People will know you from being one half of The Northaze, but what has prompted this your first solo release? 

Kosi: I wanted a challenge, I guess. I like creating full bodies of work & with the lockdown, I had a lot of alone time & that’s really what caused the spark. 

How did the production work on this project, is it all your own or does it vary by track? 

Kosi: Production was done mostly with the homies, long-time friend Jatce for ‘Violet Sky Drive’, newfound-homie Husk produced ‘Nah I’m Good’ & ‘Green Exorcist’, ghxst who’s worked with The Northaze before for ‘Narrow Allies’ & Carter Black for ‘The Comedown’, I dream to make the sounds these guys can.

It’s been an odd couple of months, would you say it has helped or hindered your creativity? 

Kosi: Helped the creativity for sure, not been the most enjoyable process but I’ve achieved a lot of personal music goals within this short span, so it been a beneficial yet unfortunate phase.

How is the scene in Leeds, it seems from the outside like the city breeds emcees, are there good venues and promoters as well as artists?

Kosi: There’s a lot of good artists here but there’s not a lot of outlets for the artists so they tend to stay local instead of trying to reach out further, there are some nice venues here though for sure like Belgrave & Stylus. 

Headrow House also made an intimately adequate setting for The Northaze’s debut show back in March 2019, which was made better by the handing-out of bottled Highland Spring water- this sparked an unofficial partnership between the water brand and The Northaze.

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