Entries for my first compilation are closed, but we are already working on the second, due in March 2019. So keep it coming.


So, to make this tape even more exciting I decided to let Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons decide on 5 bands for side AA whilst I curate side A. Woohoo! There will be more of these compilations to come, so if I’ve been following your music for ages and have not included you – don’t worry. Your time will come.


So, what’s the deal?


It’s the first of a series of limited edition compilation (100 copies only) and is supported by London Happening to promote UK subcultures. All profits go to the bands. You will also receive 5 tapes for you to sell at your gigs or keep. Tracks are non-exclusive and you are not bound to any contract.


Get in!


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