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Hip Hop innovators Dizraeli & Downlow have been defying boundaries and bringing an explosive, psychedelic show to the live stage since the release of their Everyone’s A Winner mixtape in 2013, supporting legends from Blackalicious to Mos Def and The Pharcyde, touring Europe and the UK and building a cult following with Dizraeli & the Small Gods.



Now, joined by shadow-master, serial jailbird and contemporary dance chieftain Leroy Merlin, Dizraeli & Downlow are back with a brand new mixtape, a four track EP and a new live set that will light a bonfire in your head and knees.

The EP and mixtape sees Dizraeli & Downlow collaborating with bassist, producer and electro genius Nathan Feddo, and singer/songwriter Boe Huntress, while the mixtape also includes tracks with Strangelove MC’s Chango and Jakaboski. All under the ever watchful eye of Leroy Merlin himself, the inspiration behind and executive producer of the EP, fleshy hip hop enigma, mystic guava wizard, and son of the European bric-a-brac maestro…



The EP is out now, available to stream and download on Bandcamp, and available to pre-order on vinyl via Diggers Factory.


Find out more about Dizraeli & Downlow:




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