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Bisexual people are at risk of isolation from both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities and experience higher rates of mental health issues – this is why support matters.

Bisexual people can be in the same sex, opposite or nonbinary relationships, we are not defined by our relationships.

Bisexual people don’t owe anybody an explanation of their relationship history. Believe us just like we believe you when you say you are straight.

Someone being bisexual is not an invitation to make provocative remarks. We just want to be able to talk about our lives in the same way that straight people can talk about their partners, relationships and children, openly and without shame.

Bisexual people do not just “want attention”. What we want is an acknowledgement that we exist in a world that persists in inflicting a monosexual perspective.

Bisexual people do not discriminate based on gender. We are attracted to people based on who they are as individuals.

Some people use the word pan as well as bi to describe us, either fits. Transphobic people are absolutely 100% not welcome.

Bisexual people are perfectly capable of being monogamous. This should not even need saying, but biphobic myths abound.

Be an awesome bisexual and LGBTQ+ ally by informing yourself about other perspectives and speaking up so that we can make a world where all are welcome to be themselves.

Hug a bisexual person today.

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