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Here are some inspiring and amazing trans, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming musicians to check out. There are, of course, many more bands, it was hard to narrow it down, and this conversation is very much to be continued. If you know of any queer bands, please get in touch.

The Dead Zoo

Absolute icon and prolific musical creatrix Kaoru Sato’s has launched a new project, The Dead Zoo and we are excited! Live the band makes a glorious wall of fuzzy lo-fi garage pop. As well as performing music, Kaoru is an activist and published writer.

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Stevie Steevs from queer punk cabaret band T-Bitch recently came out as nonbinary. In times where society seems to be increasingly divided, through their flavour of hook-filled punk-glam cabaret, T-Bitch bring people together in celebration of our differences.

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Ren Stedman

Ren Stedman has been making waves within the music scene with his personal lyrics and upbeat folk melodies. Ren has performed as a featured artist on the London News, Made with Pride TV, and been featured in Gay Times, Diva and newspapers across the country.

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Born from the pain of being Assigned Flawed & Miscreants At Birth, Brighton’s queercore punk duo Byenary’s stripped-back drums-and-guitar sound smashes heteropatriarchal binaries while setting foundations for the future of trans liberation.

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There is one word for Heirloom’s music – delicious. As if through the lens of a cult movie romance, churning organs and pendulous riffs hang heavy on the stage, while vocals chant, growl and dance across the tracks toward the shining light of chiming guitars and euphoric drums.

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Feminist queercore band Bioma formed in 2017, from the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil. They bring fierce punk music with feminist discourse and an anti-racist, anti-LGBTphobic and anti-CIS-thematic position.

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That’s it for now, folks!

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