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Taking inspiration from their cold-sagging forefathers, Children of the Damned, these two Cult of the Damned members are celebrating their way of life with this EP.

It’s hard to do justice to the energy these two bring to their live shows, but with Dyno’s production, they have come close with this release. Combining some subtle old school sounds that are typical of the British hip-hop scene, with some of those clapping drums and kicks that are making kids go wild stateside, Super Sag Bros shows both the versatility in sounds and styles of these two rappers.

Released on April 20th, apparently made in ‘4hrs and 20 mins’ and available for £4.20, there’s one running theme throughout that they take in different directions – from parties to paranoia.

The four-track EP is available on Bandcamp and some cinematic visuals have been released for the track Loyalty which, although not featured on Super Sag Bros, is another indicator of the partnership that these two Manchester rappers have formed.


Find out more about Black Josh Ape and Sleazy F Baby:

Black Josh Ape

Sleazy F Baby


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