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  1. Carl Pickles

    The truly angry women aren’t in punk (although that genre hasn’t really been “punk” since the big record companies annexed it), they’re in some of the various sub-genres of Metal. You need to be looking at the likes of Arch Enemy, Chasing Dragons, Skarlett Riot, Sister Sin, Butcher Babies, The Amorettes, Benedictum, Izegrim, Holy Moses, In This Moment… and so on.

    I totally agree with you that we need to dispense with this whole “female-fronted” as a genre rubbish. Of those bands I listed, you have Traditional Metal, Hard Rock, Death Metal and Metalcore. The only thing they have in common is female members. In terms of the music, there is no way you can compare The Amorettes to Izegrim. They exist in completely different styles of music.

  2. Carl Pickles

    Thing is, the clubbers aren’t there for something new. All they’re after is a shag and maybe score something chemical. They’re not listening to the music and only want to hear what they know. The people in the particular age group you’re talking about in this article are incredibly conservative when it comes to music. If it wasn’t in the pop charts when they were at high school, they’re not interested at all.

    Thing is, they’ve got the money to spend, so that’s why the nightclubs chase them.

  3. Emma Millward

    I’m not a particular fan of grime, but I like the idea of it taking over where punk left off. I’m not sure about it being immune from the same commercial pressures that took over punk though – when anything gets too popular, I think it’s at risk of becoming sterile and manufactured. We’ll have to see!

  4. Emma Millward

    I think it depends on the art. Sometimes, the emotional response can be even greater if you know the story behind the song or the artist. It helps to create something we can relate to, a sense of personal authenticity.

    It works both ways though. How many beloved Lostprophets albums are gathering dust because we can’t separate the music from the musician? It became almost a betrayal of the fans when his story came out.

    Besides, without an artist, there is no art. The choice to be anonymous becomes as much a persona as the public face of Lady Gaga. Either way, it colours the way the audience responds to the art. Being an anonymous artist does not mean that your work can be judged any more objectively.

    (I’ve thought about this way longer than I expected to. Good article 🙂

    • James Kilpin

      You’re right of course, listening to the music of someone like Billie Holiday or Amy Winehouse is all the more moving and emotional for knowing the pain she had in her life. I think I probably had in mind instrumental/electronic producers more than anything when I wrote this – where the art is much less personal and much more about enjoying what you hear

    • Emma Millward

      There’s quite a tradition of mixing punk with Irish folk but the Balkan connection is definitely a twist!

  5. james woronow

    A black man signs a dissolution of the KKK,,,whaaaat? Guess I could sign one also.

    • Alfredo Violante

      Read the article again. He spent time in prison with the owner of KKK and got the rights from him, then once out of prison he dismantled what he legally owned.

      • Free_Thinker451

        He had power of attorney over statements Killen made while in prison, that didn’t give him ownership of the KKK (something not even Killen had). There’s a reason this hasn’t made a bigger splash on the public scene. Its nothing more than a publicity stunt.

        It would be awesome if true.

        • Alfredo Violante

          I get it, yes your comment makes more sense. The point is first of all, is Killen still in charge? In Italy for example some boss stil have full power even in prison. What’s the story in this case?

  6. whippersnapper

    “….accompanied by insistent and persuasive percussion”, ha ha that’s quite an understatement, I am glad I am not his drum kit. Nice article, NAH expresses more emotion in his one man shows than the majority of bands I have seen in the last few years could collectively.

  7. Steven Holt


    • mm

      Michael Boucher

      But for every album made by using drugs you could also argue how maybe twice as many albums never got made because of all the geniuses that have died abusing drugs. Regardless, the article is neither for nor against drug use.

  8. Danila Armai

    I’m confused. I read an interview with Stine where she said she met Max in Berlin, 2005. Which one is true now?

  9. Phillip Raymond Goodman

    Curiously I often wear masks and costumes on stage, and have numerous different personas and names, but it has nothing to do with anonymity, or having the music judged on its own merits, it’s just another aspect of the performance and the overall art of it….

  10. Riskee and the Ridicule

    Check out Riskee & the Ridicule for the perfect grime punk out there. Intelligent and totally DIY.

  11. Emma Millward

    I love this idea! And the Renegades V1 tape is such a great place to start.

  12. jimbrowski

    I feel similarly about Eevee’s music! The track that snagged me was Viola off her album Unexpected. The wavering melody of that track combined with the cover art always reminded me of lazy mornings drifting in and out of sleep lying in embrace with my ex-lover. It wasn’t that it produced a feeling of longing for that specific individual, but more of a melancholy recollection of the experience itself; an appreciation of what was underappreciated at the time in hindsight. Great evocative stuff!



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