We want to hear your voice

In these times of social unrest, your voice is more important than ever. Get in front of your audience and help us change the narrative.

Before you start writing

What we do

We publish stories and social commentary written directly by subcultural bands, artists and fans, no commercial music, please. Make sure your article touches themes people can relate to, like social issues, mental health, LGBTQ, politics or DIY music. You can write again whenever you have a new story.

What we don’t

We are not interested in your bio or a description of your sound, we are not that kind of magazine. Don’t worry about your music being heard, our articles start with a widget of your choice, (Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube) and end with links to your website and all your social networks.

Did you know we have a PR team?

Yes, we have a dedicate team ready to work on your next release.