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“We are Sisteray, four boys from London. [We] have set our aim to re-write the indie guitar rulebook. We are fully aware that there are LOTS of guitar bands around – mostly boys, mostly white, playing the guitar – and we know we have to stand out.”

Sisteray are setting out to spark debate and change the scene like few others have in decades. Their DIY approach and spontaneity have firmly stamped them as a band that doesn’t mess around when it comes to politics. With their recent release, 15 Minutes, this statement couldn’t be more apparent. Throwing caution to the wind, ‘Queen’s English’ is a blatant middle finger to David Cameron, Theresa May and Donald Trump. Its video is powerful, featuring riots, rallies and mockery, and they incorporate real news stories and their views on Brexit to demonstrate how bad things really are: “We’re fucked, let’s be realistic.

“Queen’s English came out of anger, a complete reaction to being let down by all the lies and outcome of the Brexit referendum…”

Sisteray’s passion towards modern-day politics is inspiring; not only are they pushing a diverse and respectable genre to its utter limits but they’re creating belters at the same time. It’s obvious Sisteray want change and there’s no one who will get in their way of achieving it. However, are their views exaggerated for entertainment purposes, or is this how they really see Great Britain?

“We’re up shit creek without a paddle! Well we are, and David Cameron did set the whole thing off and do a runner – no exaggeration there! Our view or opinion on politics is just that, an opinion. Even within the band, we have differing ideas, so it’s more being part of a debate. We’re not describing things so much as responding to them.”



While not classing themselves as punk, they’ve very much stemmed from that branch. Whether it’s more or less effective without the punk aesthetic is down to opinion. Their tone is fast and exhilarating, so couple this with the general election fast approaching and there’s a feeling that this couldn’t have come at a better time. However, as someone who isn’t interested in politics, I wanted to know, where did the fixation and desperation for change come from for Sisteray?

“People are sick and tired of being lied to by politicians and disenfranchised as cuts and austerity take its toll, and there is definitely an underground scene growing with a bit of punk attitude because people, young and old, just don’t know where to fit in.”

It’s clear this attitude runs throughout, perhaps being the sole reason Sisteray are creating these musical debates. However, without the ongoing chaos, where would punk be with regards to lyrics and purpose? They feed off the frustration and vulnerability that political figureheads cause. It’s a spiralling circle and Sisteray are in the thick of it.

“Punk has definitely influenced our music and attitude, though we probably wouldn’t term ourselves a punk band, but, yeah, sometimes we are angry.”

In a society crying out for leadership and role models, Sisteray say they’re “just a band” and couldn’t claim to change anything; however, in the desperation, talent grows and revolution begins. This is the mere start for Sisteray on their quest for a brighter future.


Sisteray are playing Friday 21 July 2017 at the The Rocksteady, London, UK



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Cover Photo by Daniel Quesada

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