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Doing things DIY is the absolute core of everything we’re about. The freedom that comes with choosing what to create, how to make it and who to collaborate with, ensures that our art is not only our truest expression but also the most enjoyable for our fans.

We produce all our music, hand-make our merch and consciously curate our digital presence. However, the thing we love more than anything else is to host our extra special one-off shows at Brighton’s Green Door Store. Sit Down’s gigs have become multi-sensory experiences. The first was The Neon Rodeo, where we decorated the place like the ranches and deserts of the deep south, with inflatable cacti and a big sunset backdrop we painted. The second and most recent was The Roswell Rumble, where we turned the venue into an intergalactic spaceship and had everyone dress as aliens. The third, coming later this year, is an even more ridiculous theme that we’re excited to reveal soon…


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