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Jazz duo Blue Lab Beats has collaborated with Berlin producer FloFilz for ‘Skybox’, a merging of boom-bap Rap and Avant Jazz.

Having grown up on rap legends J Dilla, Madlib, and A Tribe Called Quest, FloFilz sound was never going to be boring. His modern take on lo-fi, soul-infused jazz has resulted in him being one of Germany’s most sought-after beat-makers- not bad for someone who taught themselves in their bedroom.

‘Skybox’ then is the final act of five singles which leads up to the full-length album ‘Close Distance’ expected around early April. London’s scene has always appealed to FloFilz and has resulted in him working with notorious names Alfa Mist, Jerome Thomas, and one of my favourite vocalists Biig Piig. As for Blue Lab Beats, their catalog includes work with Giles Peterson and Moses Boyd, so you know you’re in safe hands.

‘Skybox’ is out on Melting Pot Music now, where ‘Close Distance’ will also be housed.

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Cover photo by Gabriella Achadinha

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