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Anticipation for Bad Breeding’s new EP Abandonment is finally over.

The band have moved to label One Little Indian Records for the release, and their punk credentials seem to be more than just surface: BB will headline a show in support of the EP at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on International Workers’ Day (1 May) to raise funds for People for People – Stevenage, a local group who provide relief for marginalised sections of the community.

In keeping with these values, the track ‘Psychic Copper’ focuses on the timely topic of toxic masculinity and its far-reaching social effects. Bad Breeding’s Chris talks about wanting “to explore how problematic notions of masculinity have played out in my community. It looks at the archaic reliance on roles in the nuclear family, male victimhood and the violent byproducts of struggling for identity in an increasingly toxic, and often stifling, environment.”

This is punk music at its most brutal and most vital, giving a voice to the voiceless and demanding action over apathy. Abandonment might just become the soundtrack to the revolution.


01 MAY / IWD @ Waiting Room – London
06 MAY / Prince Albert – Brighton


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Cover photo by Nina RDL

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