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Bristol-based emcee Datkid’s 2021 entrance is a gritty collaborative boom-bap joint with esteemed producer Illinformed titled ‘Wakmo’. 

Coming up with Bristol’s revered Split Prophets back in 2012, Datkid has since been developing his solo sound, this time passing the mic around some High Focus heavyweights and other independent rappers for somewhat of a throwback to typical UK Hip hop. 

The flow is fire and delivery engrained in street wisdom. ‘Wakmo’ also sees scene stalwarts Leaf Dog, Jack Jetson and Res One shell down over Illinformed’s predictably head-bouncy beats, just to name drop a few. 

As if the heavy audio wasn’t enough to paint the picture, today we have also been graced with a fourth video in the saga for ‘Line Up’, filmed and directed by none other than Loudhouse’s Honey JD. 

‘Wakmo’ is out now everywhere. The vinyl and a plethora of merchandise are available to buy via High Focus’ website to support your favourite Crud Lord, so go get cruddy kids.

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