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It took us few seconds to become fans of Human Pet and the Permanent Creeps gang. You will hear a lot about them.

“We got the name Linda Pinky from having ‘kinda punky’ autocorrected on an FB message. On a basic level the songs to do with complicated feelings towards women you admire in bands, the song moving from adoration, obsession, to complete personification – ‘Look Kim, I’m a girl in a band’. Like, I love you so much I want to be just like you. I think it’s funny that a big norm is still for guys to want to be the frontman and be with the frontwoman…I guess Linda is my attempt to question why it can’t be both. Do you idolise the girl in a band less because you fancy her more? If I asked my male friends who their top 5 heroes were, chances are a woman wouldn’t be included. As a straight dude in a band with more female influences than male ones, this felt like an interesting thing to explore” – Thoughts from Omar (lead vocalist and Guitar player) on the track’s lyrics


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